Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Love and Love

Love : Shivanand
Love implies a sincere sharing of the feelings of others and the spirit of selfless scarifies and devotion  towards the assuagement of their sufferings. The power of love is immense and it can bring about complete transformation in the life of man.
Love ennobles and purifies the mind and can elevate man to the higher levels in life. The heart warming magic of love can better be experienced than described as it is altogether ineffable.
Love and goodness are inextricably intertwined. The power of mind lies in its capacity to love and expand.Love uplifts the mind to sublimity and enlightenment.
Love is essentially divine and can divinise the mind in totality.
Nobody can understand the meaning and purpose of life unless he sheds fear and hatred and permeates life with Love.
Love and Respect
man looks forward to receiving love, respect and recognition everywhere but conveniently forgets the simple rule of life that one gets back what one gives like the reverberation of a sound. The ocean sends out vapors from its brackish waters to the sky which transforms them into pleasant rains. You can get love, respect and recognition if you extend them to others. In fact, one gets back much more than what invests. Respect is commanded and cannot be demanded.
We generate subtle vibrations by our thoughts and acts which travel far and wide and have an impact on others. The laws of Nature are flawless and one reaps what one sows.

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