Friday, 8 June 2012

Quotes: That Hurts

Ouch, That Hurts
Do you know the feeling.
when your heart is so
hurt, that you could feel
the blood dripping?
Lady Gaga

Don't hurt your heart.
Even if others hurt
you it is up to you to
accept the hurt and
take it to heart. If you
don't accept. It returns
back to the giver.

Nobody can hurt me 
without my permission.
M K Gandhi

There is thin line
that separates laughter 
and pain, comedy and 
tragedy, humour and hurt
Erma Bombeck

Giving up doesn't always
mean you are weak;
sometimes it means
that you are strong
enough to let go.
Author unknown

Keep up a daily inner
smile to fortify 
a positive attitude no
matter what happens.
Paula Horan

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