Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Quotes : Unconditional Love

Love expects no reward. 
Love knows no fear.
Love Divine gives - does 
not demand: Love thinks
 no evil; imputes no
motive. To love is to
share and serve.
Swami Sivananda

Remember, in our inmost
being, we are all
completely lovable
because spirit is love.
Beyond what anyone
can make you think
or feel about yourself,
your unconditioned
spirit stands, shining
with a love nothing
can tarnish.
Deepak Chopra 

The great lesson to
learn of life is the need
of giving out from
the abundance of one's
self in order to be
ever abundant within
one's self.
Walter Russel

When we make the
choice to fill our
heart space with
unconditional love, our
world blossom into
a beauty that is far
greater than is far
greater than what
we have known.
Rio Godfrey

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